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Living an elegant life in 21st century gives you freedom to do almost anything that was unimaginable before. Yet if you think about the cold before having an outdoor or indoor party, you are still swimming in the 90’s because for any kind of environment you have in your house, office, garage, chalet, tent or even your favorite yacht there’s a variety of perfect choices for patio heaters for your outdoor leaving space, designed and engineered by professionals as an uncelebrated backyard treasure. Each and every outdoor patio heater has its own unique design, specifications and operating procedure. Here is the patio heater buying guide focusing on things you need to consider before buying best patio heaters that works in formidable ways to please you utterly.

Here’s The deal:

Heating Space is the first thing that must be considered before buying an actual heater. In general, mobile heaters are less effective and cover a small area but they are compact, saves space and you can carry them anywhere for warm delights. Ground or wall mounted heaters somehow do the job for huge spaces but they might cost you more and not conveyable.

Powering a heater as well as selecting the heat source for your own convenience gives you better flexibility for having the perfect match just like your tinder date. Here you have the option of Natural Gas, Cylinder Gas (Butane) and Electricity.

Natural gas-based heaters act as a non-portable and Permanent option, they can be cheap to run as no refilling is required but Professional installment standard is a must.

Eco-friendly electric heaters produce zero emissions while heating an area effectively. They use power economically, and therefore have a mid-level cost of operation. Though some electric heaters may require professional installation, most of the time they are easy to install. They are the safest option for enclosed areas.


Use the following formula to compare the power of gas and electric:  1 BTU/hr = 0.29307107 W

Using this, you could for example calculate that an equivalent of 40,000 BTU/hr is 11,722 W (40000 x 0.29307107). This shows a comparison between Electric and Gas powered heaters.

Get the choice better:

When it comes to the question of portability, Cylinder fueled heaters beat them all. Being the best portable option, you can carry them literally anywhere, but the refilling tank costs each time.

Your heater needs to be adjusted according to the climate of your area. If your area is disposed to regular drizzling, a fire pit won’t be a good choice. If you habitually see high-powered airstreams, then a floor standing heater may be tough to keep straight.

Cogitate what the weather typically behaves during the times of year that you’ll most want to use your outdoor heater, and make sure you go with a model that will be useful for your climate.

Don’t forget about safety:

Some safety and comforting features are included in almost every heater. It would be very wise to choose among them according to the need of the type of works that would get done. . Meeting the CSA Group’s required safety and performance standards is known as Safety Certified.  A manual valve named as Safety Shut-Off that shuts off fuel supply and immediately extinguishes flames Safety feature that automatically turns off the unit when it’s tilted past at a set angle is called a Tip over Switch. An energy-efficient design called Eco-Friendly that’s usually less expensive to operate. Pilot Light is a small gas flame that serves as an ignition source for a gas burner. Piezo ignition which is an electric ignition system you can light up a natural gas or propane heater with just a push of a button. Automatic Shutoff is a mechanism which shuts down if a pilot light goes out, or if it detects low oxygen levels. Tilt-Over Protection is a security system that Shut-off tilt valve that turns the heater off automatically if it gets tipped over. Clear fire glass covers the burner and adds a touch of elegance. Being cool-touch prevents from getting burned is called Cool-Touch Fire Glass.

You might be Concerned about brands:

Now let’s talk about brands, the lucrative shiny frontend of a product that makes us buy crazy things at highest prices. To talk about the heater brands there are a lot of options out there. Some have their design uniqueness; some have good surface finishing or some have extra features but all might do the work just fine.

If you have a question of good material, ask Blue Rooster as they provide the best quality material. But many customers complained about the size of their chimneys as they thought it to be bigger. So, before buying from them check their size and dimension. Leaving that, customers are utterly satisfied with them.

Az Patio Heater has earned their fame through a variety of design, features. Though some models don’t run well complained by some customers, most of the model works great and their customer care service is really friendly.

Endless Summer is really famous for table top heaters but patio heaters are also available in wide ranges. Very less complaints made by the customers and most of the customers reviewed their table top heaters an overwhelming high 5!

Fire Sense Company really has a good sense of fire having a vast range of patio heaters. Their heater gets solid reviewed by the users and works just fine.

For a good quality high-end fire pits, you can trust Outdoor Greatroom blindly. They sell good quality fire pits and aesthetically speaking you can’t refuse their attractive designs.

For low prices Patina comes with a good quality and feasible option but maintenance is a sensitive thing for these heaters. Many customers complained about rusting as they cover the fire pits.

Along these some other companies are also available like Real Flame, Solaria, Suglo, Sunpak . They aren’t that much famous, so very little information and reviews were found regarding those, but to compete in the corporate world they are trying heart and soul to better their products through sales, marketing and of course better heaters.

Wondering how much you might cost?

Everything has its own price depending on its value. More functions or features means more technology included. But a little expense on the same price range can hit you up with a good long lasting heater

A usual tabletop heater will fall in the $50-$200 range. Floor standing heaters will usually cost more than $200 and can get up to over $1000 for models that use natural gas. Hanging and wall-mount heaters have a correspondingly broad range based on power and style or even size. You can catch models for less than $100, but more than $1000 is required for larger and more powerful heaters.

What’s The bottom line?

By this time, you should have gained enough general idea to make the finest choice and get the best outcome of what you buy but each product comes with a user manual that contains vast information about that specific product. So, after buying don’t forget to give it a read. Good morning tea and newspaper, family lunch, Afternoon gossips or late night parties, whatever the occasion is an outdoor heater can make your each and every moment worthy and gives you a pleasant and comfortable environment even in the bitter cold weather.

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