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While buying a gas grill don’t forget the quote “knowledge is power”. A proper knowledge about different properties of grill will lead you to a best bbq grill you expect for. Here we have focused on a must criteria for outdoor bbq gas grill.While buying grill follow the tips for savvy purchase:

Building component for grill:

Before buying bbq grill you have to be certain about building materials. Not all materials provide perfect grilling heat. Don’t be attracted by look! Looks can be deceiving. The performance of the grill depends on the smart combination of careful design and feature working of cooking. Try to gather idea about cooking system, know how cooking system works. Try to understand the whole mechanism. Watch what they are offering inside the grill. What feature the system has included. If you are looking for commercial grills look for Heavy duty cooking grids. Heavy duty cooking grids are either stainless steel or cast iron. Heavy duty cooking grid ensures proper heat retention which in turn results in unmistakable flavor. Cast material is best for heat retention.Heavy duty cooking grid integrated with right burner offers full surface searing instead of searing zone. Some of the best building materials of grill are:

  • Powder coated steel
  • Vitreous enamel bonded to steel
  • cast aluminum
  • High quality stainless steel.

Cooking grate:

Main cooking grate should not be crowded. There should be a half inch space between foods being cooked. For the great performance there should be a space of 72 square inch per person to feed in the main cooking grate. So for 6 person 6×72 equals 432 square inch of cooking area needed to be reserved. Look for grill that meets one of the following criteria:

  • Thin stainless steel grates
  • Cast aluminum hard- Anodized grill grate.
  • Thin porcelain enamel-coated grill grates.

Another thing to take in count is cook box design. Cook box with closed bottom can provide more flexibility since flow of air will be controlled and heat can be retained either by lid up or down.


We can consider burners as the heart of a grill. More often burners are subject to much abuse by high temperature, corrosive food acid and salts; rapid temperature changes and condensation. Look for a thick burner containing flame port on each side for satisfactory performance. It will ensure optimal heat distribution and clog free ports caused by food drippings. Most grill contain single tube burner. The drawback of single tube burner is uneven heat distribution. Since flow of gas tends to concentrate behind the burner, the front side and backside of the grill are not equally heated. So go for duel tube design or tube in tube design. It will flow the heat thoroughly.

Your setup should have at-least 2 burners. Remember that the more burners a grill have the more suitable the grill is. If a model of grill provide sear burner or a burner that can be turned up to higher Heat, that is an additional convenience. If you plan to do steaks, chops etc you’ll get a great sear.

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If you intend to buy best natural gas grills and don’t know where to buy a grill you have come to right

Don’t only rely on BTU output. Look for features you want. Decide whether you want side burners or drawer to keep your tools. Look for the warranty provided by the manufacturers. Because the price of gas grill is more as compared to charcoal grill, hence you will be looking for one that is good and long lasting. Else it can cost a bomb if you don’t choose precisely.

Gas or charcoal:

A common debate pop up that which fuel mechanism should be prioritized. Gas or Charcoal? There is a misunderstanding that barbecue flavor can be gained from charcoal grill. To clarify the misunderstanding, know that barbecue flavor depends on the fats and juices dripping onto a hot surface. As the food juice hits a hot surface they vaporize and permeate the grill with barbecue flavor. Tasteless and odorless charcoal can do a great job of vaporizing juices of food being cooked. You have to ensure so for gas grill. Concentrate on medium heat that would covers entire cook box which in turn capture and vaporize all of the food juices. If the vaporize contained by the cook-box has heat gap it will cause food juice to drip through the grease tray resulting in loss of flavor.

Charcoal grill needed to be refueled by adding charcoal. So a considerable amount of heat lost in refueling. Moreover charcoal grill are usually ‘kettle’ shaped in order to maximize the heat. It is a parabolic reflector. If the charcoal grills are in rectangular shape, the corner of the grill remains cooler. Natural grill don’t have this limitation. Natural gas grill can offer more surface area.

Natural Gas or Propane:

There lies a debate that which fuel powered gas grills should you buy. You can pick either natural gas or propane. If you are a completely new buyer and don’t have any idea of using either of it you should know their properties so that you can match your demand.

Among propane and natural gas propane contains more power than natural gas. Compared to 1000 BTUs of natural gas propane contains 2500 BTUs per cubic feet. Propane is colorless, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic gas. So propane is better for green world we expect for.If portability is your concern, propane is better choice because in the remote place the connection of natural gas line is next to impossible. On a camping trip or relocation of grill in yard, propane fuel powered grill is definitely winner .The problem of propane grill is that running out of fuel. Since propane comes with tank and needs refill it can create inconvenience in the midway of grilling. Although most of the propane grills now a days equipped with gauge which monitors constant fuel level.

The benefit of natural gas is that it does not turn out in the middle of grilling season. The cost of natural gas is lower than propane. So natural gas grill is more cost effective compared to propane grill. Although you need to cost some upfront if natural gas line supply is not running to your house. Some people have questioned whether these verities have any effect on grilling taste. There is no change in flavor or taste of food in using either of it.

So depending on your choices you can pick either natural gas grill or propane gas grill.

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